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The Crisis that Confronts Us 

The ANC Lockdown has amounted to economic suicide, costing South Africa a staggering R10 Billion, every single day. The cost of unstable, inefficient, expensive and unreliable energy in South Africa is a staggering R89 Billion per month in lost production, revenue and wastage. Central government in South Africa is corrupt, complicated, intrusive, frustrating and unnecessarily time wasting. Racist Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Affirmative Action policies with racial quotas, not only in business, but in sports, has led millions to leave this country, including over one million skilled workers. Every skilled worker on average provides employment for 10 unskilled labourers.

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With over one million skilled labourers having left South Africa over the last 26 years, the cumulative loss of employment to the country is staggering. Every year that the ANC has been in power has added approximately one million more unemployed. Today, over 20 million people in South Africa are on some form of social services welfare grants. That is approximately ten times the income tax-payer base for the country. South Africa is being looted with a R1.3 trillion budget which is primarily a feeding trough for the political elite to enrich themselves at the expense of the general population. The AU reports that one third of the total GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is stolen by government corruption every year. Corruption, taxation and inflation loots most of our country’s wealth every year.


What Are People’s Concerns?
It is clear that most citizens are deeply concerned about the rampant crime and horrific violence which has escalated throughout the country. Over half a million South Africans have been murdered since 1994. South Africa suffers from one of the highest rape rates in the world. Almost everybody is deeply concerned about the safety of their family and particularly their children.

The deteriorating quality of education, which in many cases seems indistinguishable from political indoctrination and, in the case of CSE (Comprehensive Sexuality Education), pornographic child abuse, has led to a major growth industry of independent schools and homeschooling. All of this is a massive vote of no confidence in the ministry of education.

Of course, most people are deeply concerned for the economy, the lack of jobs, unemployment, inflation and the deteriorating buying power of the Rand. Economist Stephen Goodson, who was once a Director of the South African Reserve Bank, stated that the buying power of the Rand deteriorated to one-five-hundredth of its buying power in 1982. In other words, R1 in 1982 could buy more than R500 can today.

7 Cape-WinelandsThe massive erosion of pensions, savings and earnings, particularly over the last two decades, has been catastrophic.

Deforestation, the destruction of so much of the environment, including laying waste to entire forests, by massive arson, widespread litter and destructive pollution are all a major threat to the environment and all the wildlife on our land, on our shores and in the oceans around us. Deforestation of the Cape has obviously led to the drought and severe water restrictions which afflicted Capetonians. As that also massively impacts on our country as an attractive tourist destination, the impact on jobs, the economy and the viability of our country are immense.


In addition, there are serious concerns for the erosion of free speech, freedom of conscience and religious freedom.

The CRL Commission's proposal to require all religious practitioners to register and be regulated by the state is going ahead, despite widespread opposition and the legal evaluation that this legislation is: unnecessary, unworkable and unconstitutional.

The Hate-Speech Bill being promoted by the Ministry of Justice poses a massive threat to freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of association, freedom of the press and other foundational freedoms, which should all be non-negotiable in any free country.


What is Wrong with the Country?

Corrupt, greedy, incompetent politicians. Unworkable and unaccountable centralisation. Black Economic Empowerment. Affirmative Action. Racist job reservations. Racial quotas in sports. Guilt manipulation. The politics of guilt and pity. Socialism. Welfare junkies. Inflation. Chasing away job creators, investors and tourists. Power failures. Soft on crime. Tolerant of corruption. State capture. No real municipal rights. Looting of the country by professional politicians, parasites and thieves. The Gangster State. The Crime, violence, murder and genocidal hatred tolerated and promoted by politicians. State capture. Threats to private ownership of property, which is foundational to any economy.

Is There Hope For Our Country?
Plainly what is desperately and urgently needed are leaders with a clear, bold vision, fresh ideas, and workable plans of action, which can resonate with voters. It should go without saying that these leaders should be people of integrity and courage.


Crisis and Opportunity

Every crisis includes both danger and opportunity. At this moment the ANC is divided, disgraced and in disarray. Along with the massive unemployment – over 30 million - outrageous levels of crime and violence, rampant inflation, riots and the general failure of government on all levels, this has created widespread dissatisfaction, dismay and disillusionment. The outrageous, excessive ANC Lockdown has crippled an already ailing economy. The unconstitutional infringements on freedom of movement, freedom of worship, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, freedom of opinion, free enterprise and all the other freedoms essential for a healthy economy and society, has ruined the lives and businesses of millions of people.


Encouraging Trends

The rise of nationalism worldwide as evidenced in the stunning BREXIT of Great Britain, the Trump Revolution in the United States 2016 election, the doubling of the votes of Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France and winning more votes than the ruling party in the recent EU elections, the dramatic growth of the Freedom Party in Austria, the steady growth of parties resisting the European Union, the success of the BREXIT Party in the recent EU elections and steady growth of parties opposing globalist agendas. All this indicates a dramatic increase of support for those rejecting politics-as-usual and globalisation.

3 - switzerland-1500642 960 720Is Secession of the Cape Viable?
Some of the most successful countries in the world are products of secession:

Switzerland seceded from Austria in 1291.

The United States of America seceded from Great Britain in 1776.

Belgium seceded from the Netherlands in 1830.

Texas seceded from Mexico in 1836.

Nicaragua seceded from Guatemala in 1838.

Norway seceded from Sweden in 1905.

Finland seceded from Russia in 1917.

The Republic of Ireland seceded from Great Britain in 1922.

Pakistan seceded from India in 1947.

Singapore seceded from Malaysia in 1965.

Bangladesh seceded from Pakistan in 1970.

Namibia seceded from South Africa in 1990.

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia seceded from Russia in 1991.

Croatia and Slovenia seceded from Yugoslavia in 1991.

Eritrea seceded from Ethiopia in 1991.

Slovakia seceded from Czechoslovakia in 1993.

East Timor seceded from Indonesia in 2002.

South Sudan seceded from Sudan in 2011.

What Policies Could Enable Cape Independence to Succeed?
The basic building block of any successful society is the municipality. It is absolutely essential that municipal control is handed back to ratepayers and homeowners. Decentralisation is vital. The unicities are expensive, inefficient, unworkable, catastrophic failures. Cape independence can succeed following the decentralised confederation model of Switzerland and the free enterprise models of Singapore and Hong KongWhat is needed is a Confederation of Micro States of the Cape of Good Hope.

4 - Singapore-P615-Esplanade.adapt .16x9.1920.10801 

In order to attract investors, the Cape would need to slash taxes, preferably abolish them altogether. By Cape Town becoming a tax haven, it can attract many investors, employers and tourists so that literally hundreds-of-thousands of jobs would be created. Ultimately millions. Free enterprise provides incentive by rewarding initiative, ingenuity and hard work. TEAL (Total Economic Activity Levy) could raise more than what is needed by abolishing all other forms of tax and replacing them with a simple 1% deduction from every electronic economic transaction. As the Cape is paying four times more in taxes than are expended in the Western Cape, if we were independent, we could cut taxes to quarter of what they are now. But as most of that is wasted or looted by inefficient and corrupt government, we could slash taxes down to 1% TEAL (Total Economic Activity Levy) and abolish all VAT and income tax.

It would be essential to restore respect for life and property. The quickest way to do this would be to decentralise the police force down to the local level. One could consider the American model of voting for your local sheriff, or police chief. Local police forces answerable to the municipalities, controlled by homeowners and ratepayers, would quickly restore law and order on the local, municipal level. Police from the neighbourhood, answerable to the neighbourhood, would protect the neighbourhood.

Tourists are attracted to beauty and nature in safe, clean and neat environments. It would be essential to restore our beaches, parks, forests and mountains by eradicating crime, violence, litter, pollution and eyesores.


Remove the Political Gravy Train Trough
Mosquitos breed in stagnant water. In order to get rid of the flies, close the trashcan and move it out of the kitchen. By removing the political trough for parasites and political opportunists, public life can be cleaned up. No career politicians should be tolerated. No pensions for elected officials. No high salaries for elected officials. Mayors, town councillors, premiers and members of parliament should receive no more salary than that for teachers, policemen, nurses or firemen. No corruption can be tolerated.

Honest Money is Essential
Corruption and inflation steal the most. Socialism, affirmative action, usury and corruption destroy economies. Honest money is needed. Our entire banking system needs to be reformed by abolishing usury.


Return Control of Municipalities to the Ratepayers
By ensuring that only ratepayers and homeowners vote in Municipal elections, one will quickly withdraw the incentive for many welfare junkies and economic parasites to flock into the area. Those on social grants/welfare have forfeited their right to vote. In the interests of removing conflicts of interest, those who need to be on any form of social welfare should not be voting on how to use the money of others.


What Potential Voting Blocks Can Be Mobilised?

Ratepayers – By handing back Municipal control to them.

Homeowners – By granting them primary control of municipalities.

Parents – By handing back control of the schools to the local community and parents.

Conservationists and Environmentalists – By reforesting the Cape, abolishing plastic bags, waging war on litter and pollution, cleaning up beaches, oceans and parks and criminalising litter and pollution.

Animal activists – By protecting our wildlife, criminalising cruelty and eradicating poaching.

Pro-lifers – By defunding abortion and streamlining adoption. It is outrageous that while an abortion can cost R800, adoption procedures can exceed R80,000! A referendum on the right to life is needed.

Investors – By abolishing VAT and replacing it with Total Economic Activity Levy (TEAL). It has been proven that 1% Total Economic Activity Levy on all bank transactions will bring in more income than all of our VAT and Income tax combined. The key thing here is that is across the board. VAT, GST and Income Tax must be abolished and replaced by a simple economic deduction of 1%, or less, from each bank transaction. Who would not want a reformed and greatly reduced tax burden like TEAL offers?

Businessmen – By being made welcome, by abolishing bureaucratic, time-wasting and expensive red tape and unnecessary state interference.

Cyclists – By securing pathways, bridges and underpasses for cyclists.

Runners – By securing park, forest and long-distance runs that are safe and clean.

Hikers - By securing safe and clean, reforested mountains.

Religious Communities – By respecting freedom of religion and refusing intrusive interference and harassment by government.

Families – By their right to protect their children being restored and their control over the education their children receive being established.


Foundations for Freedom
By respecting the right to self-defence, freedom of religion, the sanctity of life, the sanctity of property, freedom of speech, freedom of communications, we can make the Cape of Good Hope a beacon of freedom, such as Switzerland has been through the centuries. By being a tax haven with minimal taxes and no usury tolerated in the banks, Cape Town can exceed the economic success of Hong Kong and Singapore.

8 -beautiful-landscapes-cape-townWho Are our Potential Allies and How Can We Reach Them?

The Coloureds, Malays, Khoisan and all Afrikaans speakers in the Western Cape should be attracted by the prospect of regaining control over their own communities and respect for their language. Environmentalists and conservationists such as SANCOB and animal welfare societies should be attracted by our high priority for conservation and animal welfare.

Neighbourhood Watches and Ratepayers Associations should be attracted by our policies of decentralisation and placing policing back into the hands of municipalities and communities.

Private and independent schools should be attracted by the abolition of intrusive, expensive and complicated registration, evaluation and accreditation procedures by the failed Department of Education.

Home educators should be attracted by respect for their protection and independence from all state interference.

Businessmen, businesswomen and investors will be attracted by the abolition of taxes, the restoration of honest money and a tax haven.


Potential Media Outlets

Community radio stations, such as Radio Tygerberg, CCFM and Radio Cape Pulpit and other community radios may be open to these fresh, bold and innovate ideas that offer hope for our communities.

Community newspapers, such as the Tatler, Echo, People’s Post and Tygerberger should be approached.

We need to maximise the web, emails, Twitter accounts, Vimeo, YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook and other social media outlets.

Effective video documentaries and clips promoting aspects of these solutions need to be edited and produced.

Public meetings, literature distribution at traffic lights and railway stations and marches can also be considered.


Restoring Respect for Life and Property
Our prisons are over-crowded and the criminal justice system has plainly failed. Foreign criminals need to be expelled and banned from returning. The prison system needs to be phased out and replaced with restorative justice for minor crimes. Restitution to the victims of the crime should be normative. Execution for murder and rape should be seriously considered and the subject for a Referendum.


Respecting the right of self-defence and placing no unreasonable obstacles in the way of law-abiding citizens to obtain firearms for self-defence would have a massive deterrent effect on violent crime.


Sacrificial Service to the Community
When I was growing up, city councillors and members of parliament were not actually paid for their service. They received only basic expenses and needed to have real jobs to sustain themselves. For example, my History teacher in high school, Mr Rees-Davies, was a member of the Rhodesian Parliament. He was not absent from the school often, as parliament only met a couple of weeks of the year. Even then, I remember him saying that they received free train tickets to travel to parliament in Salisbury and if they wanted to fly, it was at their own expense.

Not a Scheme for Personal Enrichment
At that time, the kind of people who offered themselves for public service as town councillors and members of parliament tended to have been successful job providers in the community, able to donate their time to the city council, or legislative duties. Certainly, entering politics at that time was not a get-rich-quick scheme! Civil servants were sacrificing time and talent for the common good.


7 - Harbour-South-Africa-1920x1200

The Curse of Corruption
Today, unfortunately, it would seem that all too many, in what was meant to be "public service" see it as an opportunity for self-serving criminals to loot public resources. The African Union reports that over 32% of the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Africa is looted every year by government corruption! That means a third of the total wealth of Africa is stolen by so-called civil servants! That is twelve times more than all the foreign aid to Africa combined!


Corruption Steals from Everyone
Some have tried to say that corruption does not hurt anyone. Actually, corruption steals from absolutely everyone. It chases away tourists, investors and job creators. It devalues the currency. It reduces the value of everyone's savings, earnings and pensions. It erodes and implodes any economy. Corruption more than any other single cause is responsible for most of the poverty and joblessness in society! Decentralisation is the answer.


The Cape of Good Hope
The suicidal Expropriation Without Compensation (EWC) campaign of the ANC and EFF makes all this even more urgent. Cape Independence was always a good idea. Now it is absolutely essential for survival. Either we go down with the Titanic, or we launch out in our own Independent Cape of Good Hope!


Free the Cape!

Yours for a free and independent Cape of Good Hope


Dr. Peter Hammond
Chairman of the Cape Independence Forum

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